Eva Nagy
A representative of European Expressionism
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1921 born in Nagyenyed/Aiud, Transylvania on 14 November, the second child of Domokos Nagy, director in the 1921. head office of a regional co-operative, and Ms. Piroska, née Kovács, teacher. Attended elementary and
1921. secondary school there.

1928 began drawing and painting

1937/38 studied painting in Kolozsvár/Klausenburg

1943 fled to North Transylvania, Hungary

1943 married Béla Piskolti

1944 gave birth to her son
1944 her husband was held as a prisoner of war in the Soviet Union

1944/45 fled to Hungary

1945 returned to her parents’ house in Nagyenyed/Aiud in the spring

1949/50 studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Kolozsvár/Klausenburg

1950 emigrated with her son to Budapest, Hungary in the autumn

1950-1954 completed degree at the Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest

1952 divorced

1953 remarried

1957 fled with her son to Austria

1959 second divorce

1957-1961 studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna under Professor Albert Paris-Gütersloh

1961-2003 worked as freelance artist

2003 died on 9 October in Vienna